Monthly Archives: May 2014

What can the Taxman do if I don’t do my Tax Return?

1/ You have an obligation to tell the taxman when your circumstances change so he can decide whether to ask you to prepare a tax return. For example, you may have: * Started your own business * Untaxed income from property or investments * Expenses to claim (you need...

Limelight’s 21st Birthday Party!

Limelight is turning 21 on 21st June 2014 and we would love you all to come along to our Haslemere branch in Weyhill to help us celebrate with drinks & nibbles!

Who is an Entrepreneur? Answer: Anyone who is Self- Employed!

The number of times I have heard someone say “I am a Sole Trader but I am not in business” is unbelievable!  Trade Unions are even saying it now too!  They claim that all these people are Self-Employed but are not Entrepreneurs – why not? So what makes someone...