What you do and how to do? We can give you specific advice for your business

Once you’re up and running, you need to have systems in place to meet your legal and tax obligations. We can advise on what records you need to keep, and how best to keep them for your business.

You should register with the tax office within three months, which immediately raises your first tax decision: do you need to pay National Insurance? You may have other questions, such as should I open a business bank account, what about VAT registration, and so on? What you do and how you do it can influence these decisions, and we can give you specific advice for your business.

Once the tax man knows you’re in business he’ll start sending you communications and ask for tax returns. We can prepare your business accounts and tax returns or just provide advice, so you can complete them yourself.

There are other instances where you might need to produce accounts; for example, Limited Companies have to submit accounts according to a prescribed format and put a copy on public record at Companies House. If you need a mortgage, lenders often require three years’ accounts with a certificate signed by your accountant.

Whatever your situation, we can provide the advice and service you need, helping you enjoy peace of mind and keeping the tax man satisfied.