Hopefully you're confident about your product or service, but you'll still need to do some preparation and planning

Being in business on your own can seem an intimidating prospect; you have to handle everything from ordering stationery to dealing with the taxman. Fortunately, Limelight is here to help.

Hopefully you’re already confident about the product or service you’ll be offering, but you’ll still need to do some preparation and planning. Things to think about include how your business is going to operate – your methods, costs, premises, etc. We’re happy to have a chat, even if you decide that now is not the time to go it alone, after all.

You may well want finance to get started, in which case you’ll probably need formal business plans, and again we can help with these. We’ll also help with advice on business status and registration, and the records you’ll be required to keep.

What you need most of all when starting your own business is support – financial, emotional and practical. Limelight can’t supply cash or cheerleaders, but we can be the right people in the right place, with the back-up you really need.