Business Gifts & Tax

Business gifts & tax 

At this time of year you may think of giving gifts or bonuses to staff, or presents to clients, customers or useful contacts, but do remember that these may be subject to tax as follows: Gifts to [...]

Personal Tax Returns

Personal tax returns 

The deadline for Electronic submission of 2013 personal tax returns is midnight on 31st January 2014, with an initial automatic £100 penalty if late.  Further penalties are levied from 1st [...]

Personal Tax Bills

Personal tax bills 

HMRC will be issuing personal tax self assessment payslips over the Christmas period to all those who need to submit a tax return or have tax to pay. When your personal tax return has been [...]

Storm Insurance Claims

Storm insurance claims 

Following the recent storms you may be making a business insurance claim. If the insurance company pays you a lump sum then remember that if it was a claim on a business policy then that income is [...]