Beware of fraudulent emails & scams

There are currently a number of scams going around that you should be aware of.

Beware of Fraudulent Emails & Scams

Firstly there are fraudulent emails being sent out purporting to come from HMRC or Companies House but are simply phishing for bank details or are viruses, they can be regarding a number of taxes or subject but are usually along the lines of:

  • HMRC are pleased to advice you have a refund
  • You owe HMRC tax – please pay
  • Your Accounts are overdue – see attachment
  • You VAT Return has been successfully submitted – see attachment

These emails will look official; they will have the correct logos, wording and may even have legitimate contact details but be warned, HMRC and Companies House will NEVER send out unsolicited emails and will NEVER request payment or bank details in this manner (only through their secure online services).  The attachments are usually Zip files and contain Trojan viruses that can use your computer as a host for hackers.

A good guide to spotting these emails is that may contain poor grammar or incorrect reference details/names, they are also usually unexpected.  If you are not expecting a refund, bill, acknowledgement then be cautious and do not be curious, do not open these attachments, mark the emails as spam, block the sender and delete the email.

Secondly; anyone professing to assist with form filling may actually just be charging a fee just for redirecting you to an official site; especially those with threats of penalties for being late, such as:

  • File your P35 by 29th Feb 2014 ( P35’s went out in 2013, and 2014 is not a leap year)
  • File your Personal Tax Return here – but £400 fee in small print just to redirect you to HMRC site which is free

We are very happy to check out Tax refunds, advice how much you owe and actually assist with form filling  including advice on content.   If this is in addition to our regular service to you there may be a reasonable fee for this work but it will be backed with additional services and years of experience.

If you are not sure of any of the above or any correspondence you receive then please contact us for advice.

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