Covid19 – How To Open Your Business Safely?

Reopen Your Business Safely With These Tips

The UK government has released new COVID-19 guidelines for UK employers. This secure guidelines and norms serve as standards to assist them in restarting their businesses as well as running their workplaces as safely and effectively as possible. The Prime Minister has already put several steps in motion to combat the virus as well as restart the country’s economy. These guidelines have been created to help people protect their jobs, fund the vital public services of the country and restore the livelihoods of people.

After consulting with around 250 stakeholders, the government has prepared a set of these guidelines. Input has also been taken from unions, firms, developed administrations and industry bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Public Health England (PHE) has also been consulted, as has the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure that the best practices are developed on a safe approach to work for UK employees. This will offer confidence to people when they must restart work.

It is also noteworthy that the new guidance mentions eight different workplace settings that can be opened from construction sites and outdoor environments to takeaways and factories.

5 Key Points To Consider

The guidelines issued by the UK government set out practical measures in the form of 5 key points that must be implemented the moment work resumes.

Work From Home As Much As Possible

Employers must take all kinds of reasonable steps to ensure people can work from home easily. For people who cannot work from their homes and must visit the office to work because the workplace is open, you must go to work. In this scenario, employers must update the staff on when the offices with open.

Consult With Trade Unions & Workers To Do A COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Employers are required to carry out risk assessments for COVID-19 as this guidance lies within the safety and health employment in consultation with the trade unions and workers. This is essential to determine the guidelines that need to be put into place. In addition to that, employers must also publish the entire risk assessment results on their websites. All businesses with more than 50 employees are required to do so.

Social Distancing Of 2 Metres Must Be Maintained Wherever Possible

It is now mandatory for employers to redesign their workspaces so that social distancing of at least 2 metres can be maintained between people. This can be done by opening more exits and entrances, changing the seating layouts and designing one-way walk-throughs.

Manage Transmission Risk In Places Where 2-Metre Social Distancing Is Not Possible

Another key point to bear in mind is that employers must put barriers in all the shared spaces in the workplace so that there are fixed teams or work shift patterns. This will help reduce the number of individuals who come in contact with one another. In the same vein, it will also ensure that colleagues do not end up facing each other.

Reinforce Cleaning Processes

Finally, workplaces must be frequently cleaned, and close attention must be paid to objects with high contacts such as keyboards and door handles. In addition to that, employers must provide hand sanitisers or handwashing facilities at all the entry as well as exit points of the workplace.

NOTE: It is noteworthy that the documents include a downloadable notice that must be displayed by employers at the workplace. This notice will show all the employees and customers that the office is following the guidelines set forth by the government.

Importance Of The New COVID-19 Guidelines

The COVID-19 guidelines offer a framework for all working professionals in the UK so that they can get back to work in a safe way. It details practical steps to allow employers to understand and identify the risks of COVID-19 so that pragmatic measures can be taken to mitigate them. Since new sectors and parts of the economy are opening up slowly and steadily, it is crucial to follow a collaborative approach so that these guidelines are adhered to at all places of work.

It is also pertinent to mention here that it is vital to control the threat of the virus and the risks posed by it if people are to work in a stress-free manner. Simply by employing safe working practices, employers can ensure a safe return of working professionals to work as well as continue their businesses in the country.

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