Diy 2013 self assessment deadline extension

HMRC have extended the deadline for filing 2013 Personal Pax returns by 2 weeks, but only if you are using their software.

DIY 2013 Self Assessment Deadline Extension

HMRC had given a deadline of 21st January 2014 for those of you wishing to register to use their online software software to prepare your own tax return. It appears they HMRC had a backlog in getting user ID’s and passwords issued to all those that applied and so have extended the filing deadline for DIY Tax Returns to 14th February 2014.

However the extension actually applies to anyone who had already registered, not just those who registered in mid-January 2014.

If you have still not done your Personal Tax Return and you have already registered to use HMRC systems, then it could be a good way of avoiding the £100 penalty for late submission.

Unfortunately advisors such as ourselves are not allowed to use HMRC’s software, and it is not fully functional for all returns, but if you would like advice or assistance in preparing your own return or accounts, especially in the next two weeks, then we are happy to help on a consultancy basis.

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