It’s the first tax year end under rti – so what does that mean?

We have now been using the RTI payroll reporting system for a year now and we have been reporting this tax year’s Year Ends – so what are the changes?

It’s The First Tax Year End Under RTI – So what does that mean?

  • Last day for wages changes is now 5th April not 18th May, as reporting is on or before payday.
  • All staff need reporting in the same way, as they are paid – casual workers, students and harvest workers no longer have special rules.
  • Don’t forget to make any claims on your final submission, CIS, SMP, SSP etc. – as there is no longer a P35.

And what stays the same?

  • P60’s must be issued to all staff  by 31st May
  • All taxes are due by 19th April

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