Hog – percy the blue boar

You may have seen a blue fibreglass pig outside our Haslemere office recently – The Blue Boar. This is our contribution to the Haslemere town promotion – Haslemere Hogs

Hog – Percy The Blue Boar

60 Hogs have been commissioned by Haslemere town as a promotion exercise. They have been decorated by local artists, some at the design of local businesses who have bought them. Other Local businesses, such as ourselves, are sponsoring and hosting the pigs for the next few months.

You may like to take a tour of Haslemere and see how many you can spot. A full run down of Hogs, and sponsors and locations can be found at the Hogs Gallery http://www.haslemerehogs.co.uk

At the end of the promotion the pigs will be auctioned off in aid of the Majors charities

Do feel free to come and say hello to Percy the Blue Boar – outside our offices in Weyhill during business hours.

Surrey Hills Cow Parade

The Surrey Hills Festival ran a similar promotional exercise last year which terminated in an auction at Hampton Court that raised £130,000.

Some of these cows can still be seen around the county if you look hard enough, but most are now in private hands.

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