Rights for working mums

All mothers deserve a little pampering, but not just on Mothering Sunday

And what does the working Mum deserve?

Rights for Working Mums

The government has given pregnant Mums certain Maternity rights as to pay and leave.

An adoptive parent has similar rights, but unfortunately at present a surrogate parent has no rights – but this is set to change next year.

The partner of a pregnant Mum or an adoptive parent also has rights to pay and leave.  Next year these rights are set to be interchangeable between a parent & their partner after the first two weeks.

These rights include:

  • * Right to time off for a number of antenatal or pairing visits.
  • * 2 weeks compulsory leave for Mum.
  • * Up to 12 months optional leave for one parent.
  • * Up to 2 week optional leave for partner.
  • * Up to 39 weeks paid leave for one parent.
  • * The right to keep employee benefits during leave e.g. company car, childcare vouchers.
  • * The right to holiday additional to leave.
  • * The right to pay rises during leave, including a knock on rise in Maternity Pay.
  • * The right to return to the same job within 6 months.

Don’t loose out – see what you can gain athttps://www.gov.uk/maternity-pay-leave

Once the baby is born do not forget to register the birth, and then for Child benefit and Child tax credits.  Also look into employer funded childcare such as nurseries and childcare vouchers.

If your employer has a childcare vouchers scheme then start to receive vouchers before 5th April 2015 or you could lose out as these schemes are phased out.

But once back at work your rights don’t stop.

You have the right to leave to deal with emergencies pertaining to dependent relatives e.g when they are suddenly taken sick at school.

During the first 5 years of the child’s life with you, each parent is allowed to claim up to 18 weeks unpaid parental  leave to look after that child (age 18 for disabled children) – maximum 4 weeks a year.

There are also new flexible working rules this year – if you can put together a good flexible working scheme for your employer then they have to consider it in relation to your job.

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